2021 Marathon Application

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What you can expect as a member of Team St. Francis House:

If your application is approved, you will be asked to sign a contract by May 25th, 2021, pledging to fundraise or otherwise personally contribute $12,500 for the St. Francis House 2021 Marathon Team.

St. Francis House will assist you in your efforts by helping you craft your message and plan your campaign, providing you sample appeal letters, and telephone scripts, and managing your donations electronically and securely.  We will also keep you abreast of your fundraising progress, check in with you periodically throughout your training and offer support.

Please note: all runners are responsible for ANY Boston Athletic Association Fees.

By clicking the submit button, your information will be sent to the St. Francis House marathon team organizer who will use it to communicate with you regarding the team.  If you have specific questions about joining the team and wish to speak with someone before you submit, please email Shannon Steele (ssteele@stfrancishouse.org).

Thank you for applying!

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